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GSC Scale Figure Summer Photo Contest

Hii, is everyone already know that Good Smile Company (the one that popular with nendoroid) is holding some compatition to express your love to your figure and take a photo of it??


Now, you can do it and for the submission, it will ended in July 7, 2013 so you must be fast. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have SLR camera (I take my photo with digital camera with only 7MP T^T) as long as you can use your creativity >_<

The winner will get 10 scale figures, 2 scale figures, 2 scale figures of your choice and the 5 random voters also can get 1 choice of scale figure (but first, you must follow @GSC_GUMA at twitter and tweet the photo) ^_^

For those who want to submit it, you can go to this link https://event.goodsmile.info/photocon2013summer/en/

I submited 4 photo but only 3 that show in their page. If you have a time, can you vote my photo (with use facebook or twitter) on the links below  from July 7 until July 17 . If you’re want me to vote you back, you can also comment your photo link in here and I gladly will vote you back. Thanks ^_^

My photo link:

1. https://event.goodsmile.info/photocon2013summer/entry.php?uid=1214

2. https://event.goodsmile.info/photocon2013summer/entry.php?uid=1223

3. https://event.goodsmile.info/photocon2013summer/entry.php?uid=1215


AFA ID 2012 Quick Report

Today from 1 Sept 2012 until yesterday 2 Sept 2012,  in Indonesia there’s special event called Anime Festival Asia 2012 (AFA ID 2012) take place at PRJ Hall A, JI Expo. I was going with my friends today to see this biggest Anime Festival Event. At first we’re very excited to see it but the situation quickly change when we arrived in there.

Queue to exchange tickets was very long, I waited until two hours to got our tickets. Queue such disrepair, it is not clear. When we got our tickets, we’re very happy and quickly went to the entrance gate but our feeling quickly change to went we arrived in there. The situation  was very crowded and very hot =__= I barely can move in there and our feet were trampled by many people. The hall is very small compare it to AFA Singapore and and there are not many stand in there. We also difficult to got a seat and I didn’t go to maid and butler cafe because the Queue was also very long (same at the food and drink stand, the queue was very long too). The figures in there were also sold with higher price than the actual price so I didn’t buy it.

The Crowded in There

Although there are many unpleasant experiences but I can got so many figures photo at GSC booth, Nendonesia Booth and Culture Japan booth. I also can saw so many cosplayers in there and they’re very good (Amnesia, Miku, Luka, 07 Ghost, BRS, Fairy Tail, Kuroshitsuji, Inu X Boku, etc cosplayers). GSC is also sells exclusive item like vocaloid straps and many nendoroids and my friends that went to the concert today is really happy to saw their favourite singers (I thought the concert was well done despite of the long queue).  I can’t go there tomorrow but  next year if there’s AFA ID again, I hope they’ll change the place and improving many procedures so we can feel pleasant in there.

The Concert Event (The best satisfied event in there)

So the conclution is, this is the first AFA in Indonesia so I think the management didn’t think about how many costumer that come to that event so they only used 1 hall to exhibition so the stands is not to much too. The procedure how to exchange the tickets is not well done too and they didn’t think about it. Anime industry in Indonesia is very big now so I hope the next AFA ID will be the true biggest event in Indonesia >_<

Okay that’s it for my AFA ID 2012 Quick Report, thanks for read it ^__^

For those who one to see my figures photo at AFA ID 2012, can download it in here (sorry, didn’t take any cosplayer photo):

-GSC Booth

Mediafire link

-Nendonesia Booth

Mediafire link

-Culture Japan Booth

Mediafire link

-The pamphlet


-The ticket

-GSC Catalogs

-My loots today