AFA ID 2015 Report

Hii everyone ^^, remember my post long time ago about AFA ID 2012 quick report?? (If not, you can see it here).

This time, I’m about to report about my experienced in there. Ok, I also went to AFA ID in 2013. In that time, the event held in Jakarta Convention Center Senayan (JCC) and the place is quite large because it used about three floor? I didn’t buy anything in there and also the queue was also to long so I didn’t have any good experience to tell…. Also I didn’t go to AFA ID in 2014 (the first AFA ID that I missed).

Okay let’s forget about that time and move on. This time AFA ID held in JI Expo Kemayoran (Again?? yap this place was the place that the first AFA ID held and the hall in this place is to small T^T last time, we’re at hall A and this time we’re at hall B) on 25 to 27 september 2015. This time AFA have a biggest sponsors like Bank Central Asia and Sosro so if we bring or use their product, we can get more benefit.


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Come Back!??

Hii, it’s already long time since my last post….. (about 2 years ago?). Hope I can keep post about anything in here again ^^


Suddenly Hiatus??

No, I don’t want to hiatus and I didn’t hiatus because I don’t have any topic to post or because Idon’t have any time or I lost interest in wordpress but because my computer’s mozilla got crash and I can’t log in to wordpress (same cause to my sister wordpress and now I can only log in with handphone).

Hope my computer will get better and I can post again =.=

About Me and My Blog

Hi Hoo!! This is my first blog. I don’t write a blog before and I wan’t to try it.

This blog will be contain about my hobbies, anime, manga, japanese song, game, figure, nendoroids and many more ^_^

Sometimes, I also will give u some files to download, and please try to bear my english tenses because I still learning to write a good sentence in english.

And last, for everyone that reads my blog, hope u like it and comment it if u want, thanks >_<


My Miku Nendo