Nagi no Asu Kara second pv

The official site of Nagi no asu kara posted the second pv of this anime.. This anime will be out this fall.

nagi no asu

For those who want to know more about this story before watch the anime, you can read the manga in here nagi manga

I like the setting of this anime because the underwater world is really beautiful (and the triangle love between the heroine and her childhood friend+ the human fisherman kid)>.< Hope you’ll like it too.


GSC Scale Figure Summer Photo Contest

Hii, is everyone already know that Good Smile Company (the one that popular with nendoroid) is holding some compatition to express your love to your figure and take a photo of it??


Now, you can do it and for the submission, it will ended in July 7, 2013 so you must be fast. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have SLR camera (I take my photo with digital camera with only 7MP T^T) as long as you can use your creativity >_<

The winner will get 10 scale figures, 2 scale figures, 2 scale figures of your choice and the 5 random voters also can get 1 choice of scale figure (but first, you must follow @GSC_GUMA at twitter and tweet the photo) ^_^

For those who want to submit it, you can go to this link

I submited 4 photo but only 3 that show in their page. If you have a time, can you vote my photo (with use facebook or twitter) on the links below  from July 7 until July 17 . If you’re want me to vote you back, you can also comment your photo link in here and I gladly will vote you back. Thanks ^_^

My photo link:




Niitengo’s Asuna KoB Ver. Chibi Figure Review

Ok, it’s been a while that I didn’t write anything in my blog (because of my mid term test T^T)
Now I will review what I’ve promised before that’s Asuna Knight of Blood version from Niitengo. Everyone that’s love SAO must know Asuna (her real name is Yuuki Asuna). She’s Kirito’s lover in SAO and they already merried in that game. Asuna is so brave, gentle, kind, cute and beautiful so that’s why everyone loves her.

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Niitengo’s Kirito Chibi Figure Review

Hello everyone, today I’m going to review about my Kirito chibi figure. I decided to buy him long time ago when he was announced to preorder because I can’t resist his cuteness (also cool). Kirito is my favourite chara since I knew him from light novel (before SAO became an anime). Well everyone must know Kirito. He’s a protagonist from Swort Art Online (still on-going anime this season). His real name is Kirigaya Kazuto. Okay, let’s review him ^^

Kirito and Asuna (I’ll review her later) in light novel

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Today Loot

Hi, todays I got my loot from one of my trusted supplier figure. I’m so happy and this package maybe the first most weight package that I got (It’s about 3kg).

This is the contain of my loot today:

-Dengeki Bunko Magazine vol.27 with Kirito mini figure

-Dengeki Hobby Magazine October 2012 with Asuna KoB ver. mini figure

-Two of Natsume Glass from Ichiban Kuji Natsume Yuujinchou ~Honya Tamatebako~


Dengeki Bunko Magazine is also contain some mini comic books from Dengeki so the weight became more heavier.

Ok, in the next post I’ll review about Kirito and Asuna mini figure ^__^

K ~Aka no Kioku~

Remember about K anime that I told you before? This anime is also have a manga called K -Memory of Red-, illustrated by Kuroe Yui

In this manga, we can meet another chara from the anime although the protagonist is different and this manga is also really cool like the anime ^^

Apperently this story is about organization called Homra. This organization is build by a red king with demon ability and if you can join into Homra, you can gain extraordinary powers.

You can read this manga in here K manga