AFA ID 2015 Report

Hii everyone ^^, remember my post long time ago about AFA ID 2012 quick report?? (If not, you can see it here).

This time, I’m about to report about my experienced in there. Ok, I also went to AFA ID in 2013. In that time, the event held in Jakarta Convention Center Senayan (JCC) and the place is quite large because it used about three floor? I didn’t buy anything in there and also the queue was also to long so I didn’t have any good experience to tell…. Also I didn’t go to AFA ID in 2014 (the first AFA ID that I missed).

Okay let’s forget about that time and move on. This time AFA ID held in JI Expo Kemayoran (Again?? yap this place was the place that the first AFA ID held and the hall in this place is to small T^T last time, we’re at hall A and this time we’re at hall B) on 25 to 27 september 2015. This time AFA have a biggest sponsors like Bank Central Asia and Sosro so if we bring or use their product, we can get more benefit.


The first thing that I want is BCA’s tahapan x’presi card because it have Seika (AFA mascot girl) picture in there and she’s very cute in this year design the second is we can get AFA/Comic con free ticket if we deposit 250,000 Rupiahs. Also, I interested in this statement (you can read the full in here). It says that if you buy the ticket in booth with this card, I can get the fast line,, okay let’s see my review below….

afaSkip… Skip…. Skip…. at friday, 25th September, I went to Central Park Mall to got this card and a free ticket (it open until 19.30 PM). But went I come, the free AFA ticket was already sold out (can’t blame them because I the one who late to get this card) so instead I got comic con ticket…. I very impressed with BCA video banking because it’s so simple to used it. And after about 15 minutes, I got my free ticket and my exclusive card ^^

cc2 Seika-chan is really cute o(≧o≦)o I wan’t to take her home with me ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ✧ I did take her home with me of course so let’s end this story about how I make this card.

cc3The next day, I went to JI Expo with my sister, this time I also shocked because the queue was very long, most of people bring their umbrella or hoodie or hat… But the nightmare that I first saw is the queue to enter the gate, there is still one queue to get the ticket. This time the queue to get the ticket was not very long like the first AFA but still it’s long…. At first, I proud to have a Seika card so I can buy a ticket in the fast line. I saw there is no queue in the fast line but after I confirmed it with the staff in there three times, I’m not proud anymore… The staff in there said that the fast line is only for redeem the free ticket but not to buy a ticket (did, Imisreading or misinterpretation it??? I really disappointed with this case). Okay I’m a good girl so I queue like a normal people. I already asked the staff if I can use the card in normal queue because I only brought less cash money and the staff says it can).


Ticketing Booth

When I arrived in the venue (after spend about 45 minutes), I asked the cashier if I can used x’presi card or other card, but she says it can’t because the machine was broken)… Okay, I really2 dissapointed this time ( ̄(エ) ̄).

I got the barcode, ticket, and the pamphlet. The barcode system is really interesting because we like an experimental human in anime or things in supermarket. To check in and check out with barcode (the disadvantage is we can only come in and out one time only).


The barcode, coupon, and the pamphlet

I arrived in main gate entrance and that dragon long queue was already gone (maybe that time the gate was not open yet). We have to pass two security gate. The first one is to check if we bring any other drink beside sosro product (yap, their check our bag) and the second is to check the barcode with system and the coupon).

02Main Gate Entrance

After I arrived with my sister, the first thing that we want to go is the toilet (゚∈゚). I really want to go to GSC booth but the first thing was this call of nature, ha3. The toilet was full with many cosplayers. Yap this time, I can saw many Owari no Seraph, Kaneki Ken, SAO cosplayers. There’re also jack frost, suigintou, gumiho, umaru, yoshino, etc cosplayers….


Gundam and Gunpla Booth


Near GSC Booth


AFA Shop Booth


Animax Booth


Maid and Butler AFA Shop

04Danny Cho Booth (Want to get that mirai smart doll because it’s really cheaper than buy it online-Rp.7,000,000,-)

AFA ID 2015-13Yoshino figure from PLUM (Want her ^^)

05CLOSER ONLINE booth from Megaxus (I want the goodie bags but can’t get it because we have to test the game and the queue was long)

For the food, I bought curry rice and the cup ramen >_< I bought cup ramen for Rp.10.000,- (usually the price only Rp,3,500,-) to got a place to eat with chair and table because there are no chair in there…..

I bought this from GSC booth and Asuna keychain from Aniplex booth (I actually want to try ichiban kuji lottery but the queue was long)

11Nendo more cheerleader orange, Nendo Code Idolm@ster (actually want re class but my sister didn’t like it), Nendo Sleeping bag blue (at first I bought it because I think it munechika sleeping bag), Nendo blank face and Asuna keychain.

09 AFA pamphlet 1

10AFA pamphlet 2

01GSC&Multi pamplet.

At 15.30 PM, we went to get home because I can’t stand it anymore. I have to watch concert next time if I want to be here longer. I already survive three hours over in here than in first and second AFA. Okay this will end my report about AFA ID 2015, I will update it if I want, and hope to get better next year. See you (^・o・^)ノ”


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