Banpresto’s Ushiromiya Maria Prize Figure Review

Today, I’ll review one of my figure that I got from long time ago. She’s Ushiromiya Maria from Game/Manga/Anime Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. Maria is Battler cousin that dressed in gothic loli dress and she’s really believe in magic and witch. She’s my favourite chara because she’s so cute and can also be so scary and like Higurashi, Umineko don’t have many figure (although this series is very populer and I still waiting for Umineko anime season 2) so this Maria is my precious figure although she’s only a prize figure.


This figure is made by Banpresto and she’s don’t have a exactly price (but she’s around 1000 yen when I bought her). Her height is around 15 cm and she’s released in May 2010.

maria1  Maria is really cuteeee…….


Let’s take a look of the package first. This figure box is rather small that the usual figure box because this figure box don’t have the blister or transparant window (but it’s good to save the shipping cost).

100_2839 100_2840 100_2842

100_2844 100_2846 100_2847

The box only have the figure pictures in many of the side and this figure don’t have a illustration image in the box. When we open the box, we’ll see the figure is inside a bubble warp plastic that separate into 3 part. The upper part (head and the body), lower part (skirt and leg) and the stand base. The bubble warp plastic protect the figure from any damage.

100_2848 100_2850

Let’s take a look of each part. The stand base is like standard base that looks like a disk. It’s quite strong and the color of this base is black. Below the base, we can see the banpresto logo and made in china. The one that I don’t like about this base is it’s to simple and to big………… (the base can take up many space)



The lower part consist of her skirt, leg, sock and her red shoes. I prefer her inside skirt is in transparant color like in many illustration..



The upper part consist of her crown, head, and the body. It’s quite good because we can se the Ushiromiya emblem (one winged bird) and the red ribbon is well made too. I also love to see Maria lips color and her hands pose (although I prefer her right hand with her pink bag). I think if they make Maria’s blue eyes pupil more bigger, she’ll looks more cute  ^_^



Sculpting and Painting:

For the sculp, I think the sculp is good enough because all of her part is really well made for a prize figure although I think her pose is not dinamic and rather rigid. I love her crown and her hands. The dress’s curve is also good especially in hands part (but quite not good in skirt part). The emblem is printed well and alse the eyes decal. She’s looks like smiling with another purpose. The paint is also good and only miss a little part (like in her front dress with ribbon). I like the combination of color in her corset color that is blue and the skirt that is black. There’s also a some line in her corset and hair that maybe a little bit annoying.








Spoiler pic:

pantsu1    pantsu2

Her pantsu is not shiropan but cream pantsu, xd >_<


For the score, I think I’ll give her 8 of 10 for a prize figure standard but I’ll give her 7 of 10 for a standard figure because yap I know, she’s to simple and don’t really capture Maria’s cuteness.


– The only one Maria’s figure in normal form

-The paint looks good (only can see a minor paint problem) and the sculp in her arm clothes looks good

-Her skin is not shinny like in another prize figure


-To simple (she’s don’t have sakutarou or her favourite ribbon bag)

-Looks rigid especially in her skirt (and I prefer her inner skirt in transparant color)

-Base too big……….

-Her face don’t capture Maria’s cuteness (but I think she’s creppy enough)

Overall, I really like this Maria prize figure and I really recommand it for those who really like Maria or Umineko series (because she’s the only one Maria’s normal figure that not the chibi form) .

Okay than, see you later ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿

Bonus pic:






Lastly, I didn’t find a similar image for this figure but I think the hand combination of this Maria’s dollfie dream and Maria’s game chara profile is similar to this figure (I want Maria’s DD うーうー, she’s too cute…………..)

maria dd maria ills

And, who’s agree with me that the promo pic of this figure is more looks like Maria expecially in her face >.<



2 thoughts on “Banpresto’s Ushiromiya Maria Prize Figure Review

    • Yap the face don’t look like Maria very well and it’s too simple but overall for a prize figure it’s quite good.
      Also I agree with you and still hope she’s will be made by other company

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