Suddenly Hiatus??

No, I don’t want to hiatus and I didn’t hiatus because I don’t have any topic to post or because Idon’t have any time or I lost interest in wordpress but because my computer’s mozilla got crash and I can’t log in to wordpress (same cause to my sister wordpress and now I can only log in with handphone).

Hope my computer will get better and I can post again =.=

4 thoughts on “Suddenly Hiatus??

  1. ;A:
    why don’t you try post your daily life or maybe your loots post or your figure review..?
    it sad if you put a hiatus status

    speaking about crash
    how about you try uninstall modzilla and download the new modzilla ?

    log in wordpress from handphone really suck….
    it not helping and kinda difficult to use =x=!

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