Nagi no Asu Kara first PV

New anime from PA Works (the studio that made Angel Beats) for next year is Nagi no Asu Kara

Looks like the story is about friendship and triangle love.

From the first PV, we can see that this anime have many beautiful views and will be a  sad yet  beautiful story.


The cast and the chara that already revealed are:

-Manaka Mukaido by Hanazawa Kana

-Hikari Sakishima by Hanae Natsuki

-Honami Sakurai by Endo Aya

-Miya Shiba by Inoue Kikuko

-Miyuki Shiba by Hayami Saori

-Sanada by Shingaki Tarusuke

-Harunobu Kazama by Toru Ohkawa

-Tatsuya Shiba by Nakamura Yuichi


Here is the first PV:


I can’t wait to see this beautiful anime ^^

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