Amnesia Anime Chara Image Revealed (Updated)

Amnesia anime official site revealed some image of the main male character.

Amnesia is originally an otome game made by otomate and it will became an anime by Brain Base for January 2013.

Here are the chara that already revealed:

-Shin, seiyuu by Kakihara Tetsuya

-Ikki, seiyuu by Taniyama Kishou

-Kent, seiyuu by Ishida Akira

-Toma, seiyuu by Hino Satoshi

-Ukyou, seiyuu by Miyata Kouki

-Orion, seiyuu by Igarashi Hiromi

More of new charas revealed:

-Heroine, seiyuu by Nazuka Kaori


-Sawa, seiyuu by Moriya Satomi


-Mine, seiyuu by Akutsu Kana


-Rika, seiyuu by Yoshida Seiko


-Waka, seiyuu by Takahashi Hidenori



New clothes design:











9 thoughts on “Amnesia Anime Chara Image Revealed (Updated)

  1. For me Amnesia is not a typical reverse harem since the genre says its psychological:) I already played the game and (this might be a spoiler) someone is trying to kill the Heroine (in every dimension of the heart,spade,clover,and diamond) and also Toma(Yellow hair/diamond) might be a good guy from the start but beware of him (kekeke) he’s quite dangerous ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
    Oh btw, who’s your favorite character? mine is Shin(heart) ‘cuz he’s such a tsun~ O(≧∇≦)O

    • For the first time, I think that amnesia is like other otome game but if we already choose someone rute, we’ll know for sure that amnesia story isn’t like that (cage scene?? o.o).

      I also love shin. He’s very cute and cool. He often shy with a blush on his cheek (that’s makes him more tsun2 ^^)

  2. I don’t know… Although I never played the game, I checked the blogs though (gonna start learning Japanese after highschool…in few months) … In my opinion, the worst is Heart. Yet I really love the other routes… For my own reasons. *-.-* My favorite would be either the Joker or Clover. Dimond was interesting, while Spade made me bang my head on the wall due to the heroines… Airheadness? And Ikki’s bluntness… Oh Well.. If just reading it off blogs as well as watching the first 5 episodes makes me blush, squeal and bang my head onj the wall , I wonder what will my status be after finishing watching the anime and actually playing the game~ Can’t wait~! >.<

    • Learning japanese from game/anime is the fastest way to understand a little of it >_<

      you can check the game review in here and here
      and 18 april there is a new amnesia game called Amnesia: Crowd (waiting for it)

      I’m agree with you, shin (heart) route is not revealed much more about the story (although I like shin because he’s tsun”). Joker (ukyou) route is the most interesting and I think his route is the last of the other route because it will explain all the mystery and I also like kent. Diamond (toma) chara is really weird, ha3.

      Can’t wait your update about this game ^^

      • Thanks for the links!! I sincerely appreciate it!!


        I have been watching anime (subs) for the past 7 years ever since I was 10. Once I actually understand Japanese, I plan buy this first thing including all of the other versions and start writing about them (also a fanfic if I can)!!

        I also heard of Amnesia Crowd and hoping that it will be a blast since – in my opinion- it will have more mystery and tension than the original.

        Actually, my brother REALLY hated ALL of Amnesia. I don’t know how he can deny the complexity of the game/anime…

        PS: What is your opinion on Spade? He was rather cute in the newest episode… Is his voice THAT good in the Visual Novel too? Every one kept on saying stuff like that…

      • Your welcome (^-^*)/ and can wait for your fanfic too…

        I also hope for more of mystery (although the must be more of romance in that) and more of explanation for amnesia crowd
        and the OP for this game is really good (

        Amnesia is quite confusing and mysterious than another otome games so it’s also quite different than another otome game (is your brother don’t like every otome game or only amnesia?)

        My opinion of spade is emmm not bad and not good either because I didn’t really like him and yap his voice is really good (his voice actor is taniyama kishou from GRANRODEO and his voice is really cool). I dislike that he still with his fangirl although he already like heroine (but he had his own reason too).

        Oh and what’s your last favourite chara in amnesia?

      • Thanks for the link to the OP!! =D I really enjoyed watching it! ( almost made me cry from anticipation)… But is it me.. Or they were concentrating on Heart the most?? :/ Why would they do that if the rest are equally enjoyable??

        Oh well… Best not dwell on that… -_-

        My brother… hates all Otome games and shoujo/romance/drama genre… However, he showed such spiteful attitude towards Amnesia in others comparison to the others saying that it is not original and stuff… Broke my heart… He kept comparing it to Key visual novels, like Clannad and Air. So Amnesia became a taboo topic to talk about… -_-

        I kind of agree with your point on Spade… But the anime makes it seem less obvious, since it makes it look as if he is getting AWAY from the fan-girls to become closer to You-Know-Who… Made me REALLY like his character… 😉 Well…the way they present Diamond in the latest episodes made me wonder why do many people hate him??

        As of my least favorite character… I think it would be You-Know-Who herself. Although yes she had amnesia and all but her faceless expressions as well as her CV kind of made me feel like the world had no purpose….
        Like it was about to just.. end.. 😥
        … Just cannot stand Mary Sues… -_-

        Oh well, in order for me ranking how much I liked the characters with 1 being the lowest 10 being the highest, I would say that:

        You-Know-Who: 1
        Heart: 7
        Spade: 8.5
        Clover: 9
        Diamond: 8.5
        Joker: 10
        Orion: 10+

        What about your ranking??? Who do you like the most and least?? 🙂

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