Niitengo’s Asuna KoB Ver. Chibi Figure Review

Ok, it’s been a while that I didn’t write anything in my blog (because of my mid term test T^T)
Now I will review what I’ve promised before that’s Asuna Knight of Blood version from Niitengo. Everyone that’s love SAO must know Asuna (her real name is Yuuki Asuna). She’s Kirito’s lover in SAO and they already merried in that game. Asuna is so brave, gentle, kind, cute and beautiful so that’s why everyone loves her.

This figure was a bonus if you preorder Dengeki Hobby Magazine in September. If you wandering what’s the contain of this magazine, Dengeki Hobby contain much more about gunpla (yap, Gundam and many more robots plamo that’s Keroro likes in Keroro Gunsho Anime ^^). There’s also some scale figure (like the one that Alter, GSC, Kotobukiya, etc produce) and some of nendoroid info but the portion is really few compare with Gunpla T__T

This is the magazine:

  The front and the back cover

Now let’s go to the figure. This is the front package and the back package. Not much to say about this box because it’s the same with Kirito figure except for the layout and the background color. Asuna package  is red/pink color and the background is the same like Kirito (aincrad backgroud)

The Front and Back Package

Next, we’ll go to open the package. Yap, like Kirito, Asuna is split into a parts and warp in the plastics. The first one is her front hair, than her face+back hair, next her body in Knight of Blood uniform, her favorit spear (Lambent Light), and the last is her base (the same color like Kirito has)

Asuna is still warp in the plastic so let’s get her out of this plastic so she can get a fresh air ^_^ Her quality is the same like Kirito (that means, she’s in the best quality) I like her shiny orange hair and her braid hair in the back. You can feel her hair is blowing through the wind and I think she’s more cute than her GSC nendoroid ver. Her face is so cute with a cat shape mouth >.<

Her KoB uniform ver is also well made. The white and red color blend well and the painting is so great (although this figure is really small) so you can’t miss every details of her. Her spear is also like the actual spear in her picture.

Now the last part, let’s assamble her. This is her front and her back side. Like I said before, She’s really cute right? Her face is the most attractive (But I’m a little sad because I got a little black stain in her face from the factory T__T) and her blush makes her even cuter >__<

45 degree from the front side. You can see the detail of her spear and her clothes

The right and the left side

Other Side and her upper side

More of her cuteness with Kirito >.<

Kirito protect Asuna ^^

Kirito Hiding Skill

For the last part, like before I will show you the prototype and the illustration. She’s still cute in the illustration, prototype and the actual product. The one’s that different with illustration and the prototype is the color of her skirt (in light novel, Asuna skirt color in white with red line and in the anime is the opposite)

That’s all for my review today and see you in the next figure review, Thanks for everyone that read it and please comment it if something come out for your mind ^^


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