Niitengo’s Kirito Chibi Figure Review

Hello everyone, today I’m going to review about my Kirito chibi figure. I decided to buy him long time ago when he was announced to preorder because I can’t resist his cuteness (also cool). Kirito is my favourite chara since I knew him from light novel (before SAO became an anime). Well everyone must know Kirito. He’s a protagonist from Swort Art Online (still on-going anime this season). His real name is Kirigaya Kazuto. Okay, let’s review him ^^

Kirito and Asuna (I’ll review her later) in light novel

Kirito chibi figure is originally a bonus from Dengeki Bunko Magazine vol.27 (released in September). You’ll receive him if you pre-order the magazine before. Dengeki Bunko magazine contain a chapter from Dengeki serialization light novel (like SAO, Accel World, Kino no Tabi, Shakugan no Shana, Denpa Onna, To Aru Majutsu, etc) and most of them are already became an anime. It’s also contain some comic and some information about anime. Here’s the preview of the magazine.

        Front Cover                            Back Cover                                 SAO Anime Info


      Arata Naru Sekai OVA Info                   Light Novel                             SAO (ALO arc) Manga

This magazine is also contain a mini manga book contain a chapter manga from various series.

            The Cover                   To Aru Majutsu Index Manga              Accel World Manga

Okay, let’s go to Kirito Figure >.< Here’s the package. The box is made from carton (this is a bonus figure so don’t expect some nice box) but this box is also thick. The design is very simple with only purple and white color. The back cover show more bonus figures.

Front Package                         Back Package

Now, open the package. Well, we can see Kirito’s body parts in a plastic ^^. First one is his front hair, then his head and back hair, body, His sword that Liz made it from him, his black sword, and the last one is his blue base.

Than, let’s open the plastic. Here’s Kirito body parts. All of his parts are well made and the painting is also good for a bonus figure. Niitengo quality product is nice compare then one’s before (I owned Nanoha Niitengo figure that release before). The light blue base is a nice color for Kirito but I like his hair more darker (black color) than a dark purple.

The final stage, assemble Kirito parts to make his figure ^^ This is the front side and the back side. Kirito looks happy to wield his two sword. His hair style resemble like in SAO anime. His favourite midnight cloak is also well made because the white line and the belt is so detail for a chibi figure (his back cloak is like blew by the wind). His size is slightly smaller than nendo petit. I like niitengo base because they don’t make a hole in figure back not like GSC nendo petit so we can display the figure more better.

45 degree side from the front. You can see more his coat and a detail of his sword.

The right and the left side, you can see some of defect of his painting in his cloak (and some line in his hair) but I don’t really bother about this because a figure is mass production and the painting is made by a human so some error can be happen (other figure is also like this)

And the last is his upper side

Now, I will show you the prototype and the illustation. It’s not much different like the finished product right? >__< (I give it 9 of 10 score for this cute figure) For anyone that like SAO, you should get this figure. The actual magazine is not very expensive (about ¥720), the one that expensive is the shipping cost (I paid about double from the actual prize of the magazine because of shipping cost T_T)


Okay, That all of my review today. Thanks for everyone that read it. Next, I’ll review about Asuna chibi figure ^_^

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