Kamisama Hajimemashita New Image Revealed&New Movie For 2013

Kamisama Hajimemashita anime official site revealed more new image and more characters today. This anime is scheduled for September 1, 2012. The manga is created by Julietta Suzuki in 2008 and became a popular manga by fan girls because of the romance and comedy for this story (and some of mystery).

The characters that already revealed are:
Nanami Momozono seiyuu by Suzuko Mimori (A New Human Land God)

Tomoe seiyuu by Shinnosuke Tachibana (A Fox Youkai Servant)

Mikage seiyuu by Ishida Akira (A Former Land God)

Kurama seiyuu by Kishio Daisuke (An Idol Tengu)

Mizuki seiyuu by Nobuhiko Okamoto (A Snake Youkai Servant)

Ami Nekota seiyuu by Satomi Satou (Nanami’s Friend)

Onikiri seiyuu by Atarashi Natsuyo(The Fireball Youkai Servant 1)

Kotetsu seiyuu by Chika Ookubo (The Fireball Youkai Servant 2)

Otohiko seiyuu by Takahashi Hiroki (A Wind God)

Himemiko Numano seiyuu by Horie Yui (A swamp deity)

Sukuna Ryūō seiyuu by Namikawa Daisuke (A Dragon Lord from Sea)

Isobe seiyuu by Morishima Shuuta (Nanami’s classmate)

Oh and before I forget to mention it (not related to Kamisama Hajimemashita), for 2013 we will get new movie for Star Driver. The story will continuing from the end of tv series

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