My Figure and Dolls

Hi everyone!! Today I will discuss about one of my hobby, yap that’s collecting figures ^^


The first time I bought a figure is kotobukiya’s aruruu figure from utawarerumono (in 2009). I decided to bought her because she’s really cute and in that time, I thought her scuplt is also good than another figure (plus, I also bought her when she was in bargain)

For me, to collect figure is really interesting because I can see my favourite characters and I think a figure is a beautiful art. How the sculptor design the figure, shape the figure and paint the figure itself is really awesome. Until now, I only collected the chara that I like and I also see the price because I can’t afford to buy many expensive figures.

I have 1 dolls, 3 figures, 2 prize figures, 3 nendoroids, and 9 petit nendoroids (not mention the one that I still pre order). I hope for the future, my collection and my money will be more and more >_<

I plan to review every of my figure if I have some time, so stay tune to my blog….

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