Nayuta’s Miracle

Yesterday, I finished Falcom’s newest game, Nayuta no kiseki.

This game is really interesting because u can have your own museum, seaworld and many more.

Although this is kiseki series but this game is not related to Eiyuu Densetsu kiseki series like Sora, Zero, and Ao because Falcom also removed Eiyuu Densetsu title. The game is Action RPG but u only can control Nayuta and NOI to cast a spell (so you can control another chara T_T).

This game begin when Nayuta and his friend Signa return to their island after 4 month. They’re then meet again with their childhood friend, Lyra and Nayuta’s sister. Not longer after their reunion, Nayuta and Signa see a star failing. Then they’re go to investigate the ruins that fall into the ocean near their island and then they’re meet a little fairy named NOI. NOI is chased by 2 man who seems want the master gear that NOI hold because NOI seems to ruin their plan by steal the master gear. After the 2 man get NOI master gear, they’re vanished. Nayuta and Signa then take care of NOI and when NOI conscious, she’s panic because she didn’t like a human. Then NOI go to a big tree near Nayuta’s house and she seems to open some dimension gate. Nayuta and Signa follow NOI to that dimension gate and in there, there is two coffins and they’re meet a beautiful girl that asleep in that coffins. After meet this girl, their summer adventure is begin.

The story is very touching and interesting (I give score 8 for this) and the scenery image is really beautiful (score 9). For the chara development, the most interesting is Signa (Lyra is a little development). The chara in this game is also named after the star and this is really unique. I really like the season change system. We can change the area season into 4 season like spring, summer, fall, and winter (I give 9 for this system) and we can get more of NOI magic if we defeat a boss field. The boss in this game is also very unique (u will know if u play it ^^). The Opening song , Nayuta no Hoshi no Monogatari by Kanako Kotera is also beautiful.

The hope this game have a full voice chara but my hopes are not realized and the game graphic is a little bit rough (score 7). But u can change Nayuta and NOI costumes like the equiment that u use like in online game.  Average, I give this game 8.5 point of 10 and u can play it if u like, I recommand it for u to play it (this game is also not to hard to play) ^^

I forget to mention it, my favourite chara in this game is NOI because she’s very cute and that twintail >_< and the second goes to Signa because his hidden past and his chara is really interesting. I finished the story+after story but seems I have to play it one more time because I can’t found this image in anywhere (possibly there is true ending if we play one more time).

I can upload a scene capture from opening and the CG that I have, if u want it >_<


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